I have waited to comment on this episode based on all of the stuff flying all over the internet following the show- like the stuff with Kelly on WWHL.

So the finale was pretty typical, a big shindig and the getting ready for it, then junk happens and its over with updates.

I’m so confused by Meghan, and I am wondering, how does she not see what is before her. Suffice to say, I’m ok with her not being on next season as it is rumored. I mean can’t see see what a complete ass her friend Kelly is? Because she is a total ass! This whole blow up, low blow, then apology schtick is old news. I understand that it was Vicki pulling the strings, but DUDE come on. (and Kelly calls Heather the Puppet Master- rotfl)

Hopefully as the season has played back, Meghan feels differently about her friend. Shes just an asshole.

I don’t mind Tamra, Shannon and Heather sorta ganging up on Vicki and Kelly. They deserved it. Vicki proved her true colors by speaking about every single one of those ladies to Kelly, all of it due to her being exposed as a liar last year. Oddly enough, she didn’t go after Meghan who spearheaded the whole thing, duh, because she’s Kelly’s friend. It is pretty obvious. I LOVE how Heather told Vicki to stay put, because it is classic Vicki to cut and run like a chicken shit.

HA! And the tanks. but.. #sorrynotsorry that shit was HI-LARRY-US.Yes Kelly you are the drunk and Vicki you are the liar, no matter how much you protest. It’s just who you two choose to be.

While Tamra was talked about, Heather called pretentious, the one I feel really badly for is Shannon. I don’t see how she did anything to deserve anything that was tossed her way via Kelly and Vicki. This woman is trying to live her new normal with her husband and make shit work out. This is what SHE chose for herself, so spreading vicious rumors and lies is really a new low for Vicki- oh wait, that’s a classic Vicki move. I just feel badly for our little cray cray. I love cray cray Shannon because she’s freaking real.

Twitter twitter twitter, boy its blowing up over this cheating scandal that Kelly got called out on. And if Tamra is behind it- good for her. I don’t think she is, but I do think she has more involvement than she says she has. Kelly sure has run her mouth all over social media in relation to the fans and the ladies, so I think she is getting her just desserts. She’s had a hand in trying to meddle in other’s marriages by repeating information in a mean way, so if it blows crap up between Michael and herself- oh well – you made ya bed, lady.

I am looking forward to the reunion, although I feel like most of them are edited to death. I want to see more of the drama, haha.

I do want to mention how cool I think Brianna is. She is trying but she recognizes her mom for what she is. That she has a diagnosis of Lupus is heartbreaking but I am glad they know now. My sister in law has Lupus and I really hope she’s able to be well.