So I knew it- I knew Jac was going to be an asshole, it was inevitable. I find myself liking her less and less on each episode.

The Envy fashion show- meh. And to be honest I skipped thru all of the Siggy and Delores stuff with their moms. Boooooring.

While it was nice for Delores to make up with Jac, I have a feeling it isn’t long term. I think she is going to see what an asshole she was all season and call it done. I was not a Theresa fan, but like I said before, I think prison- errrr “camp” was good for her and made her more human. I wouldn’t have wanted to sit with Jac and talk either, the way she was barking orders. No honey, you aren’t calling the shots and you walked out like a little bitch.

Chris is real good at standing up for his woman, but boy has he got it backwards. Someone must have been threatening no sexy time… gross.

A lot of the other blogs are reporting that T used the “r” word but I heard “stupid”. Way to blow shit up, and then not retract it. No one says anything about Jac using the c word. She has a habit this year of just letting whatever fly out of her mouth and doesn’t seem to give a shit about it in the end. No apology, but then when she sees stuff going on with T- she cries… Uh, guilty conscience? Maybe so.

The reunion, I can’t wait. I want Jac to get called out, and she looks fucking crazy!!!! AHHHHHH bat shit crazy.

Until next week.