I’m so glad I can talk about a show that is still on going and not in pre-finale or finale stage!

Below Deck is a little show that I wasn’t sure would take off- but am very glad that it has. It’s not as angsty as some of the other shows, and I am so glad that the boat they are on this time isn’t all dated and gross!

Seeing Kelley as Bosun is a surprise to me, but only because I wasn’t expecting it. I think that Cap’n Lee means well with him- but is a little hard on the dude. His unrequited love for new gal Emily is a little frustrating, but only because I like seeing Ben and she together.

This episode was kinda boring until… dun dun dunnnn the very end- when we see new dude Kyle reveal that he is bisexual?!?! His current interest still has her “meat and veg”- I am happy that there is such a forward thinking dude on board, and I hope that the rest of the crew treats him well. I really enjoy him, think that he is a shoot from the hip and heart kind of dude, and am disappointed in Sierra for kinda being a bitch to him. Ms Hippie Happy can be a little see you next tuesday-ish. The fishing date was a disaster, and I’m mad she was so rude to our dude. But he handled it like a gent, and this is one of the reasons I like him.

This epi was kinda boring, and I know that I am late on the recap.. until tomorrow, lol.