The RHW of OC are the OG’s of the HW world and my faves… Love them, have been following them since the start, and this season has not disappointed.

Ireland…. Was Vicki on the same trip as everyone else? She’s absolutely insane. She’s been the orchestrator of all the crap in the last few years, so I wasn’t surprised to see that she was behind a lot of the Kelly stuff. She’s been plotting this since her being outted last year as a cancer scammer. I know she’s reveling in this- Briana knows as well or she would not have made the comments that she made in regards to her mom and how she reacts.

Kelly. I get that she apologizes, but she doesn’t really take ownership of the things she does. She really lets her mouth overrun her ass, doesn’t she? Its gross, the things that she says are just so outlandish but not entertaining in the least. Vicki knew what she was doing by telling her the rumors she had “heard”.. its more like made up. I knew that she would bring up Shannon and David’s old history, and that was awful. They have been working hard on their marriage to recover and its just nasty to talk like that.

Meghan also disappoints me. I get sticking up for your friend, but at some point you have to see where Kelly is wrong. She has made awful online comments to fans, she attacks the people around her. She heard what she said to Tamra. I can’t see how Meghan can blame the others for sticking up for themselves. And I don’t think Kelly was being set up as she and Kelly allude to. Kelly waltzes right on into those situations and creates the mess herself. No bones about it.

Should Heather have intervened in the way she did? I think so. Absolutely. At that point it was just so ugly and here is a person seeing her friends being viciously attacked, and she wants it to stop. I don’t blame her one bit, and to call her a puppeteer over it, is wrong. She can come off in a superior manner, but that is the way that she speaks, and it can rub off the wrong way. Not to me. I think it’s fine. I don’t find her at any way unpleasant. She’s one of my faves. In fact I’m reading her book with her Hubby and will review it later when I am done.

I feel badly for Shannon. I know, girl. It is tough to be in the position you are in, but I applaud you for making it work. And when you are being attacked, attack back. You do you. You do what works for you.

The fitness competition for Tamra was pretty cool. She’s worked really hard and it shows. I have a love hate with her. Most of the time I love her, and I hate what she’s going thru with her kids and Simon. I still think she was unfair to Gretchen, but thats old news. I think shes made a change for herself and thats pretty cool. We all deserve a chance to redeem ourselves. She needs to stay the hell away from Vicki and screw forgiving her anymore. It is possible to forgive but not to have anything to do with a person anymore. She’s been burned way too many times.

I can’t wait to see what the finale has in store, the party, as always looks good. I love how in the preview we see Heather tell Vicki not to move. I hope she gets what she deserves. She needs to hear what an awful person she really is.

Until next week!