So.. lets have a chat about the premier last night… Was it all you ever hoped for and more? Did you cry buckets and buckets of tears?

Warning all kinds of spoilers and thoughts ahead.

Let’s get right into it.

For those of you who were surprised that a fan fave like Glenn would meet up with Lucille- remember what they have always said about #TWD- Don’t get to love anyone because they will get killed off. Also, killing Glenn was the only way to go. If you follow the comics, you know that this is the ONLY thing that can happen.

This will make Maggie into the badass, single mom we all love in the comic, and I am so glad that they are following it to some extent. And how about Glenn as he is dying- he will find Maggie. Tears.

Why two deaths? Well…. Abraham two comics before Glenn in comic reality, so it needed to happen as well. Continuity, people! Plus it was the surprise I was waiting for. I kinda figured that this is the way it was going to go, just wasn’t sure if it was going to be Abraham or not.

Ahem. “Suck my nuts” . YASSSS.

What didn’t I like? AS I was watching, I was bemoaning that they weren’t revealing the death(s) fast enough. Ok. I was annoyed. I got it though once it was complete. It had to happen and we had to see the absolute and utter break down of Rick as leader in the process. Although, personally, I think that he’s faking. I mean come on, it’s Rick. I know what happens in the comic, but yeah, I get it.

Some thoughts on the internet that I have read involve the level of depravity that is exhibited by Jeffery Dean Morgan (JDM) in his portrayal of Negan- and how could that be entertainment. I have been asked, how do I feel about that? Shit. Lighten up. It’s TV and if you don’t like it, sorry, I have a distinct feeling that if some sort of new world order based on an apocalypse were to happen- we’d see exactly that. I, for one, while gross bc I was eating dinner, felt that it was appropriate and I was ok with it. Besides. The special effects were awesome.

We are going to see an evolution of all of our people, and adding new people and how they fit into this Negan world. It’s going to be interesting, especially since a lot of what has been going on is a little shark jumpey. Time for some action. I’m excited the way that it is going, and boy have I missed this show!

Talking dead. I loved it as much and maybe more than the premier. Good call on it being 90 mins, I could have watched for 3 hours. It was funny, rainy, a little sad. The death montages for Glenn and Abraham were awesome; as were the comments by Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz. Priceless. So good. And come on Andy and Norman.. ah be still my heart. I really enjoy this show, and I am not one for after shows as much. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

I can’t wait for next week!