So I know I am late to the party with writing about Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, but what a good time to come in- right before they end, haha!

I am a lover of all HW stories, except maybe Potomac. Uh. Ew.

Today I want to focus on what a crackpot Jacqueline is. I mean there is something seriously wrong with this chick. She is such an instigator. I just feel like since she was goading Theresa all those years ago on the patio about her legal issues, she asks that a lot of this crap be brought onto herself. She picks fights and when she can’t handle the heat, she cries. She looks crazy this season. She’s picked fights with Melissa, Theresa, Delores- and the crazy fight in Vermont. I mean sitting on a person? The hell? The shirt last night? Gah she asks for it.

I never really cared for Theresa until these last few seasons. I thought she acted a lot like Jacqueline is now. The trial, jail and now Joe going to jail, has really changed my heart towards her. I really believe she was putting up with shit for the sake of her husband and did turn a blind eye in favor of money and fame. This new Theresa seems a lot more humble and ready to get shit right. I love the relationship that is blooming with her and Melissa. And that Joe and her relationship is repaired, is great. I would like to see her get along with her cousins, but I think that it can be repaired in time.

To see Delores upset over Jacqueline is kinda crappy! Delores is a good friend and once again it is Jac being a paranoid freak!

Until next week when we see Melissa lose her marbles at the Envy Fashion show- well here’s to hoping it turns out ok. I’d like to see her rub it in Joe’s face that she’s a success.