I will keep this short and sweet with just a few thoughts here and there as I am just getting started.

We saw the death of Morgan, and really, that is the biggest thing going on right now. I feel so badly for Kiki as she is being used, once again by her mom. While Sonny may have planted the bomb in the car- it’s Ava messing with Morgan’s meds to break up Kiki and he that is the ultimate culprit here. She’s a killer, alright. And I don’t care how bad of a dad you are Franco- I love the relationship with Kiki, you were such a comfort to her.

Carly breaks my heart, and I can see why she’d blame Sonny. Although I hate it. I love the two of them together. It feels right and once again we are headed for a Sonny and Carly implosion, lets keep recycling this over and over again, shall we? Ew. No thanks. Can’t they let them be happy for a while? Sheesh.

Ava. I hope she gets what she deserves. I love to hate this character. Shes reprehensible!! I just want to see her get what she deserves.

Sam and Jason. Awww my fave couple. Love them. I know Jason is struggling with his choice to stay or go… after the baby kicking, I think he will choose to keep his fam in Port Chuck.

Maxi and Nathan and the baby mama drama. Claudette sure is an asshole! It’s going to be interesting to see what will happen with this one, now that Griffin and Ana know that he is the daddy. I also know Maxie will get out, Nathan will likely rescue her, so Im not worried. I did like the hired meat head until he turned on that gas. That beard. MMM HMM. I think Valentine is going to get Caludette. Should prove to be interesting.

I know there is more I am missing, Nina, Franco/Liz (Im so ew about this but thats because I hate Liz), Kevin/Laura.. so much but it pales in comparison to Morgan.

I wont update about GH daily unless something happens and I NEED TO GET IT OUT. šŸ™‚